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L'Academie Vimy Ridge Academy

L'Académie Vimy Ridge Academy is the first school of its kind in Canada, focusing on Canadian studies while also offering opportunities for students who wish to pursue their interests in cadets.

Launched in September 1999, L'Académie Vimy Ridge Academy is a program of choice offered by Edmonton Public Schools for students in grades 7 through 10, with grade 11 being introduced in September 2000 and grade 12 in September 2001.

It is a celebration of partnerships among the school district and the Canadian cadet movement, the Canadian Armed Forces, and the Royal Canadian Legion.


There are two camps maintained by the League for use of Cadets during the year. Camp Howard is located in the Southern Zone, north of Cochrane near Rocky Mountain NACSTC in the Ghost River Wilderness Area. The camp serves as a weekend retreat for any cadet or scout unit that wish to rent it and can accomodate about 50 persons.

Lessard Lake Camp in the Northern Zone is also available for use.

Army Cadet Summer Training Centres

Army Cadets in Alberta mainly attend Vernon ACSTC in British Columbia or Whitehorse ACSTC in the Youkon. Cadets earn the privilege of attending these summer camps as they progress through the home Corps "Star Level" training programs. Some of the courses have age and fitness requirements. The camps are normally 6 weeks long.

Paid Staff Cadet positions are also available for the senior cadets (16-18) who have qualified through their training and past attendance at camps. It is a rewarding position where their training in leadership and knowledge of skills is put to practical use in training younger cadets.

The Rocky Mountain NACSTC replacing Banff NACSTC for Wilderness Challenge and Pipes and Drums courses is located at Ghost River, AB.

Juno Beach Academy Of Canadian Studies

Juno Beach Academy of Canadian Studies is an alternative program offered by the Calgary Board of Education. At Juno Beach Academy, students develop a deeper sense of their country through learning about Canada and applying the foundational principles of Canadian citizenship, leadership development, personal fitness and academic endeavours.

Juno Beach Academy of Canadian Studies has a written Code of Honour. The Code is designed to promote the qualities of honour, integrity and respect for self and others. Students attending Juno Beach Academy of Canadian Studies wear school uniforms, a relatively uncommon feature in the Calgary Board of Education.

Juno Beach Academy of Canadian Studies teaches the Alberta Program of Studies. In addition, the school infuses uniquely Canadian concepts into all subject areas: Canadian history, music, outdoor pursuits, French, and drama. Above all, we assist young people in meeting challenges that they will face as they pursue a variety of different career pathways.

Key Elements Of Juno Beach Academy Of Canadian Studies

  1. Juno Beach Academy of Canadian Studies offers a full junior and senior high program of studies.
  2. The school emphasizes modern teaching methods:
    • Personalization of Learning
    • Multiple Intelligences
    • Inquiry Based Learning
    • Technology Infusion
  3. Actively supporting the completion of high school graduation requirements and preparation for a post secondary future.
  4. Strong community partnerships including Stantec, the Royal Canadian Legion, the Military Museums, The Canadian Association of United Nations Peacekeepers, the Korean War Veterans, the Royal Alberta United Services Institute, and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.
  5. The school fosters student interest in serving the Canadian Community: Health Services, Police, Fire, Foreign and Diplomatic Service, Coast Guard, Emergency Medical Services, and Government agencies such as the military.
  6. Promote pride in Canada, our nation's culture and its achievements.

Honouring the Past, Preparing for the Future.