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Kozar Cup Drill Competition

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Kozar Cup Drill Competition
Held May 5, 2018

Lecture Training Centre, Canadian Forces Base, Edmonton

By Elaine McDermid

The late Colonel Frank Kozar was an icon of the Cadet Movement of Canada. He started his association with Cadets in 1954 as Civilian Instructor in Thorsby, commissioned as a Cadet Instructor Cadre, served as Commanding Officer with 5 corps, the Administration Officer in Banff National Army Cadet Camp and adjutant of the Western Rifle Coaches Course. He has received many honours; Order of Military merit, CD, Knight of the Order of St. John, Meritorious Service Medal of the Royal Life Saving Society and many others.

The 2018 Kozar Cup Drill Competition did once again showcase the ACR Competition format 1A and 1B, Silent Drill movements and Free programs (in that order) presented by Army Cadet Corps from across Alberta. Formats 1A and 1B are used and practised at every corps in preparation for their end of year Annual Cadet Reviews. Silent Drill is the part when Cadets do the drill pattern without direction from their Parade Commander voicing the commands. Free Programs are what the cadets decide what to present at this and other competitions.

This year there were over 100 cadets participating with representation consisting of 3 teams from Calgary, 2 from Edmonton, one from Lethbridge, one from Medicine Hat, one from Standoff (for experience). The Reviewing party consisted of Mrs. Dolores Kozar and Brigadier-General (Retired) R. R. Romses, OMM, CD. The Competition staff would like to say “Thank You” to Mrs. Kozar and Brigadier General Romses for making the drive from Calgary and Lethbridge to attend this event. It is always a pleasure to see you.

There was also volunteer Judges: Master Warrant Officer Bibby, MMM, CD; Master Warrant Officer Baglole; Captain Officer Olson all presently serving members of the Canadian Army. We wish to extend a note of thanks to the judges, their job was not an easy one this year.

The general public, family members and friends were there supporting the cadets. The color party marched on to the parade square starting the event right on time.

All corps did 1A and 1B sections and Silent Drill first. I have made special notes about each corps because they deserve special mention.

Corps #2384 Kainai 20 Field Ambulance

Corps #2384 Kainai 20 Field Ambulance from Standoff came to experience the event, witness what other corps do and to meet other cadets. The 3D’s were particularly important to these 8 cadets for this first time as they are a new corps and doing very well. They experienced the form up, the Inspection from Brigadier-General R. Romses and the judges, did the March Past, Advance in Review order and then dismissed. A round of applause from the parents and public hopefully encouraged them to come back.

Corps #1292 LdSH (RC) from Calgary

Corps #1292 LdSH (RC) from Calgary came with 17 cadets. These cadets have participated before so they knew the criteria for this competition. The Free Program consisted of slow march, dividing into 3 sections, changing cadence to a little faster, right incline, slow march again, left incline, salute while formed, changing cadence to marching fast, form up stand at ease for 1 minute. ATTENTION, right turn off the parade square. Very impressive! A good round of applause was appreciated by the cadets. Drill Commander Cadet MWO Skarbo.

3016 Calgary Highlanders RCACC from Airdrie and 2137 Calgary Highlanders RCACC

The third corps presenting was the combination corps of 3016 Calgary Highlanders RCACC from Airdrie and 2137 Calgary Highlanders RCACC both from Calgary. In total there were 12 cadets. With Drill Commander Cadet WO Lagasse. It was a smart idea that two corps combined and worked together to come to this competition. Free Program: They split the corp into 2 sections of 5 with 2 left in the middle completely coordinated. Slow march, marked time, halt, headdress removed and replaced all without command. A loud ATTENTION rang again to march off the parade square. The public appreciated rigorously the work that entailed this demonstration.

2313 SALH RCACC from Medicine Hat

Team 4 was 2313 SALH RCACC from Medicine Hat consisted of 10 cadets. That was a long way to travel for this group. Drill Commander is Cadet WO England. However, the travel did not affect their presentation at all. Silent Drill was great with a division of the corps into groups of 4, left and right dress, shoulder spacing, salute in one line, dividing into sections of 3 changing the sizing again. Small rest at ease, check with the judges, then ATTENTION march off the square. The public and parents really showed appreciation by the applause they gave this corps. This team placed third.

2733 15 Svc Bn RCACC from Edmonton

2733 15 Svc Bn RCACC from Edmonton came with 14 cadets, largest group yet. This corps had a parade commander with a very deep and loud voice. Drill Commander is Cadet MWO Walter-Kootney. It guaranteed attention from everyone. They were working it! Silently they formed a pin wheel, straight line with a salute, divided that line into 3’s, a side step with the centre three cadets stationery. They then formed 4 lines of three to do a very fast turnabout that ended with corps lined up ready to be dismissed. Very inventive and attractive! After checking with the judges, the corps was dismissed. The applause once again was very enthusiastic.

2296 20 Field Bn RCACC from Lethbridge

The sixth team consisted of 2296 20 Field Bn RCACC from Lethbridge. They travelled all those kilometers with 8 cadets just to come to this competition. With parents standing with their cameras at the ready, the cadets came on the parade square with confidence and pride. Form up, permission to carry on granted, march past in very good step, salute. Back to formation, stand at ease then with permission granted to show their silent drill portion. They divided into 4 cadets in one and 5 cadets in the other to march around the parade square in perfect unison. Arms and boots moving perfectly! Drill Commander WO Cadet WO Moch.

2051 19th Dragoons RCACC from Edmonton

The last corps to present was 2051 19th Dragoons RCACC from Edmonton. Drill Commander is WO Schweitz. They came with 11 cadets. It always is interesting how an odd count of cadets in a team can accomplish what they do. They don’t need a specific number of cadets! They presented the Free Program with: numbered, and then formed a pin wheel. Besides that being interesting, they carried on into a serpentine move which very difficult and different. Give cadets a chance to do something different and it comes alive. After a short rest at ease, permission was granted to dismiss. General public, parents and members of the League gave a big applause. What a competition!

After a 10-minute break all the corps were given direction to come back to the parade square, form up facing the centre at an angle so all could see what was going to happen in by the judges table. The 2018 Walsh award winner from Grande Prairie Cadet CWO Stoffelsen was the Parade Commander for the entire group of corps and was presented with a small token of appreciation.


First award is the Best Dressed from each corps which was decided among the cadets:

  • Corps 1292 LdSH (RC) RCACC Calgary – Cadet Trooper Martin
  • Corps 2051 19th Dragoons RCACC Edmonton – Cadet Mikhano
  • Corps 2296 20th Field Artillery RCACC Lethbridge – Cadet Master Bombadier Telfer
  • Corps 2313 SALH RCACC Medicine Hat – Cadet Corporal Lydon.
  • Corps 2384 Kainai 20 Field Bn RCACC Standoff – Cadet Master Corporal Medicine Shields
  • Corps 2733 – 15 Svc Bn RCACC Edmonton – Cadet Corporal Wong

Combined team of 2137 Calgary Highlanders RCACC, Calgary and 3016 Calgary Highlanders RCACC from Airdrie – Cadet Sergeant Doucette.

Starting from the Third Placed team – 2313 Southern Alberta Light Hourse, RCACC from Medicine Hat. BGen Romses present the trophy to Drill Commander WO England.

The next award was the MWO Freddie Bootle Award for the Top Drill Commander for 2018. MWO “Freddie” Bootle CD1 had a very successful career as an infanteer. During his tenure as the ACA for Alberta Army Cadets, WO Bootle demonstrated a passion for the goals of the movement and in particular the 3D’s: dress, drill and discipline. Today we honour MWO Bootle by presenting an award in his name to the outstanding Drill Commander in the 2018 Kozar Cup Drill Competition. The winner in this competition was Cadet MWO Walter-Kootney from Corps 2733 15 Svc Bn RCACC.

Second Place Team is 1292 Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) from Calgary. BGen Romses is asked to present the trophy to Drill Commander Cadet MWO Skarbo.

Top Drill Team is 2733 15th Service Battalion from Edmonton! Drill Team Commander MWO Walter-Kootney. They accumulated the greatest amount of points during the drill competition. Mrs. Kozar and BGen Romses were called upon to present the award.

L to R: C/MWO Walter Kootney of 2733 RCACC, Mrs. Delores Kozar, Thomas Christie and BGen (ret’d) Ray Romses, Col Commandant of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets presenting the Kozar Cup

L to R: C/MWO Walter Kootney of 2733 RCACC, Mrs. Delores Kozar, Thomas Christie and BGen (ret’d) Ray Romses, Col Commandant of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets presenting the Kozar Cup


The remarks by Brigadier General Romses’ welcomed everyone and congratulated the cadets for a job well done! Thank you to the Army Cadet League of Canada – Alberta branch for the time and efforts that it took to produce this competition. Many times he has been asked about “why do we learn drill?” The purpose of learning drill is to learn self-discipline, self-control and to show that you can overcome mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes during their life and correcting them is what makes a project go through. Finishing and accomplishing something makes you proud. In this case, practising, working and accepting well known practises, as well as designing your Free Drill (silent or otherwise) should make you proud of what you and your team have accomplished here today. Thank you for a great afternoon.

Master of Ceremonies Captain Joel Klein's (Retired) comments:

Thank you to all the parents and general public who came and supported these cadets. We hope that you enjoyed the afternoon. Thank you to the 3rd Canadian Division Support Base Edmonton and Colonel Scott McKenzie for supporting us today by providing the drill facility, food and quarters for the cadets and staff for this event. The Cadets enjoy being on the base to see what actually is here.

Thank you to Major Perry (Retired) for his work at organizing the Cadets, Capt. Stephanie Russell for assisting Major Perry, and the Commanding Officers of 2051 and 2551 RCACC for their material assistance. Thank you also to Capt. Ian McDermid (Retired) for being OPI for today’s function which ran smoothly and thank you to the photographer from CD Photography. Of course the cadets deserve a big Thank You for spending the extra time it takes to practise and showcase all that you can do with drill. This event is finished for 2018, what a show! Come participate or come next year to view the drill competition for 2019.