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Your Corps and the League

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The Army Cadet League of Canada is a civilian non-profit organization which is committed to supporting Army Cadets by working in partnership with local communities and the Canadian Forces in the development of policies and methods for achieving the aims and objectives of the Canadian Cadet Movement in general and the Royal Canadian Army Cadets in particular. Further information can be found on our National League website at

The Army Cadet League of Canada – Alberta Branch can assist your Corps in many ways i.e. advertising, competitions (such as Photo, Small Bore Marksmanship and Drill), grants, bursaries, screening, and recognition of volunteers parents/families, cadets, and officers.

RECRUITMENT ADVERTISING – We are able to assist Corps with advertising (including posters) for recruitment of new Cadets and potential CIC Officers. Any questions regarding Recruitment Advertising should be directed to Ms. Robynn Pavia at 780-262-0256 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

INSURANCE – Did you know that the League has contracted several policies that cover different aspects of our program:

  • Accident Insurance (To provide coverage for an injury)
  • Liability Insurance (To protect against third party liability claims or legal action)
  • ACLC Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (Association liability; for all duly elected national and branch Governors, Directors and Officers)

It is important to understand the key factor that determines whether a cadet or adult is covered by our insurance policies. The overriding condition is that the activity during which the incident occurred MUST be an authorized cadet activity. Proof may be requested by the insurer that the activity was in fact authorized. Proof may be in the form of approved training syllabi, routine orders or various forms of authorizations provided by DND/Det Commanders.

For more information on the League Insurance Coverage, click here, Section 4 has the Insurance Booklet, Claim Form, Request for Certificate for Insurance and 4A is Questions & Answers.

VOLUNTEER SCREENING – All volunteers working with Cadets must be properly screened. Our Governor responsible for coordination of screening is Mr. Ian McDermid. If you have questions regarding Volunteer Screening or who needs to be screened, contact Ian at 780-778-2711 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Volunteer Registration Forms are available on the Forms page, under the Volunteers heading.

VOLUNTEER LETTER FOR SCREENING - This letter can then be taken to the Police to get the Volunteer screening with little or no cost to the volunteer. How to receive this letter can be found on the Forms page, under the Volunteers heading.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE – We can potentially assist Corps, financially, with items not provided by DND. Criteria and applications are available on the Forms page, under the Financial heading.

SCHOLARSHIPS & BURSARIES - We offer The Army Cadet League of Canada (Alberta) Bursary to those attending post secondary, accredited educational institutes, whether it is University, College or Trade School. The application deadline is 11 November of the current year and the applications are traditionally reviewed at the November Board of Governors meeting. Criteria and Applications are available at:, on the Forms page, under Scholarships & Bursaries. We also have links to other Scholarships and Bursaries that are available through the National League and various Provincial & National Organizations.

PROVINCIAL AWARDS & CONTESTS – The League offers many opportunities to recognize Cadets, CIC Officers, Volunteers, and their many talents. Information is available on the Forms page.

  • Capt. Chris Gerbrandt Photo Contest.
  • Small Bore Shooting Contest.
  • Honour Cadet.
  • Honour Officer.
  • Col. Lee S. Thompson Award (Volunteer Parent/Family).
  • Kozar Cup Drill Competition.
  • Army Cadet Service Award.
  • Volunteer Service Medals.

NATIONAL GRANTS & AWARDS – The Army Cadet League of Canada, our National League, also have Awards for Cadets and Grants for Corps. Criteria and applications available on the Forms page, under Medals and Awards.

  • Walsh Memorial Sword Award.
  • Major-General W.A. Howard Awards (one per province and territory).
  • Gerard Buckley Cadet Fund – Corps Financial Assistance.

Check us out and see what the League can do for your Cadets and your Corps!